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Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are. - August W. Hare (via kari-shma)

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While eating:

“After I swallow this spoonful of rice, my repeated chewing will cause the amylase in my saliva to break down starch molecules. Later on, I’m gonna feel the bolus moving down by peristalsis down my esophagus to my stomach, where the enzyme gastrin will stimulate my stomach to secrete gastric juices…”

When someone calls him a piece of shit:

“How dare you desecrate the noble masterpiece of the colon with such a disgraceful name! Do you not know how important fecal matter was before the water in it was absorbed so dutifully by the large intestine? Without the colon to do its job, we would be deprived of water! How disrespectful!”

When dewdrops appear on the window:

“Ahh, how nice. The wonderful process of guttation. I expect that water took all night to travel by pressure gradients upwards through the plants’ xylems. What a waste it would be to wipe all of that water away.”

Manual breathing:

“By now, I’d expect the oxygen from the air I inhaled to be dissolved in the mucus lining the surface of my alveoli. I wonder how long it takes for the blood in the pulmonary artery to transmit it back to the heart for pumping?”

Looking at wasted pages of a notebook:

“Poor secondary xylem. You were already sliced and mixed and pumped and bleached so much, and now you won’t be of any use to anybody who wants to use you to write on. No worries, I’ll recycle you and let you fulfill the honorable purpose you had when you were still a healthy, aspiring young dicot.”

No, we’re not nerds, or overthinkers.

We just tend to appreciate life, and its beauty, more than everybody else does. :)


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Crayons from ‘Snoopy Mini Pencil Case’

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ATENEO: Miss, EAGLE ka ba? Gusto ko sanang lumipad kasama ka.

LA SALLE: Miss, ARCHER ka ba? Di mo pa nga ko pinapana, tinamaan na ako sayo.

ADAMSON: Miss, FALCON ka ba? Kasi Binigla mo ko, at nadagit mo ang puso ko.

NU: Miss, sa N.U ka ba nag-aaral? Gusto ko sana magkasama tayo, just me N U.

UST: Miss, uste ka ba? Kasi naman you make my heart ROAR!

UE: Miss, WARRIOR ka ba? Suko na ko sayo. Ikaw na ang panalo sa puso ko.

FEU: Miss, FEU ka ba? Sabi kasi ng puso ko TAMARAW na ibigin kita.

UP: Miss, taga-UP ka ba? ‘Cause i know you are worth FIGHTING for.



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